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Getting Started

How Does It Work?

You email me the material as a Microsoft Word document and tell me (by phone or email) what you want me to do. If you have no written material to start with, we can just talk.

I send you a brief contract, in very plain English, stating our agreement.

I edit the document, usually using Word's Track Changes mode so that you can see what I have done and accept, reject, or change my revisions as you see fit. Some clients skip that process and just read the revised version.

The document may go back and forth between us a few times by email. I like to give every job a final proofreading once all the revisions have been made.

I email an invoice. You pay by check.

Why Communism Did Not Collapse: Understanding Authoritarian Regime Resilience in Asia and Europe, edited by Martin K. Dimitrov. Includes a chapter copy-edited by John Elder.           Money and Your Retirement. Guide to retirement planning for clients of Ceridian Performance Partners, a business services provider. Written by John Elder.
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My background
I graduated from Harvard University with a bachelor's degree in English.
I have been a professional writer and editor since 1980.
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