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Services for Business

I have helped large and small business clients with:

  • website text
  • white papers
  • annual reports
  • case studies
  • books and e-books
  • brochures
  • training materials
  • content for sale
    (articles and booklets)
  • presentations

Case study written by John Elder being presented to Alcoa managers by Director of Alcoa Operations Management Consulting. Participants rated it "well organized" and "well written."

Home page for J. Edgar Group, a CPA/consulting firm. Text by John Elder.
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Cold Calling for the Clueless How the Non-Sales Entrepreneur Can Implement a Telemarketing Process, by Ceridwyn G. Ruenheck. E-book for It’s Your Call, a business-to-business telemarketing company. Copy-edited by John Elder. LTX Fusion. Booklet for LTX Corporation describing semiconductor test equipment. Copy-edited by John Elder.

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I have worked with Alcoa, AT&T, Atrion, Ceridian Performance
Partners, Continuum, Eprise, Dahlstrom & Co., Family Services EAP,
IBM, It's Your Call, Kaiser Permanente, LTX, and OutSmart.

"I'm reading the annual report and I think we've got a masterpiece."
Sheila Bonanno, Work/Life Programs, AT&T

"The concepts are dead on, the structure is good, and I really like the flow. Thanks for your quick turnaround."
Patrick Putorti, Alcoa Operations Management Consulting

"You're the ambulance of writers."
Gianfranco Zaccai, President and Chief Design Officer, Continuum

"We're very impressed by the questions you're asking."
Andrea Wicks, Senior Project Manager, Ceridian Performance Partners

Contact: - 831-476-7703
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