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John Elder
Writer, Copy Editor, and Developmental Editor for Academics, Business, Healthcare Professionals, and Consulting Firms

I work with people who have something valuable to offer but are not doing themselves justice in their writing.

Clients often come back to me because I help them work out their ideas more clearly and completely.

I can help with practically anything, from a book to an opinion piece, from an industrial case study to a peer-reviewed article, from an analyst report to an annual report.

"Heís a masterful editor, a rare talent. He gets the big picture and helps communicate ideas clearly. At the same time, he attends to the smallest details, making each sentence tighter."
Zeynep Ton, Assistant Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"Thank you again for your very good facility with English, your good judgment, your flexibility, and your timeliness."
J. Ronald Fox, former Assistant Secretary of the Army

"Itís a real pleasure and a great learning experience to work with you."
Heidi K. Gardner, Visiting Scholar, Harvard Law School

"You have a true gift: an ability to catch both the smallest inconsistencies and the largest structural flaws. I'm deeply appreciative of your craftsmanship."
Thomas Eisenmann, Professor, Harvard Business School

Past and present clients in the Boston area, New York, Pittsburgh, Durham, Seattle, Los Angeles, Sacramento/Davis, Berkeley, Stanford, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Virginia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Australia, and Malaysia.

Services for Book and Chapter Authors
  • Does your draft need tightening or jazzing up?
  • Are you trying to reach a wider audience?
  • Has your publisher suggested revisions?
The Good Jobs Strategy: How the Smartest Companies Invest in Employees to Lower Costs and Boost Profits, by Zeynep Ton. Copy-edited by John Elder.

Services for Academics and Healthcare Professionals
  • Are you struggling with your book?
  • Has a journal asked you to revise, clean up, or shorten your piece?
  • Are you worried about your English?
The High-Velocity Edge: How Market Leaders Leverage Operational Excellence to Beat the Competition, by Steven J. Spear. Copy-edited by John Elder.

Services for Business
  • Do you need reports that arenít boring?
  • Do you need case studies written up for training?
  • Do you need success stories written up for marketing?
The Founderís Dilemmas: Anticipating and Avoiding the Pitfalls That Can Sink a Startup, by Noam Wasserman. Copy-edited by John Elder.

Services for Consultants
  • Do you need help with your Web content or blog?
  • Would you like to appear in the trade journals your clients read?
  • Is writing taking time away from consulting?
Put It on Paper! Every Personís Guide to the Printing Industry, by Margie Gallo Dana. Copy-edited by John Elder.

Getting Started
  • Who I am and how we can work together.
Contact: - 831-476-7703
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